African Journalists Advised to Promote Bilateral Trade

 African journalists on tour of China have been advised to feel free to report on China in order to promote bilateral trade between both parties.

The Vice-President, China Public Diplomacy Association, Gong Jimzhong, gave the advice when he received10 African journalists on tour of main districts in China under the sponsorship of the association.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the journalists are from Nigeria, South Africa. Tanzania, Congo DRC, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Egypt, Congo, Mozamque and Angola

He said the exchange programme, second in its series, was put in place for African journalists to advance economic diplomacy of both parties.

According to him, the aim of the association is to coordinate people-people diplomacy and create understanding for better relations.

He said that some of the African journalists featured in the maiden edition of the programme, and the benefits had been tremendous and visible to both parties.

“We believe that such programmes will expose the under reporting of Chinese activities in Africa and the world, and also fill in missing gaps,’’ he said.

He said that participants were picked based on information from China foreign offices, while assuring them that maximum support would be given to them to do their assignments.

“We shall facilitate our visits to 10 regions during our stay, and also interact with the natives and share ideas.

“We believe that African journalists will be better informed in exchange programmes like this. It will afford them opportunities to understand our language, our culture and Chinese ways of doing things,’’ he said.

He appealed to the journalists to cooperate with officials of the programme and feel free to seek for help when needed so as to get the full benefits of the programme.

Also in a lecture on the history of China development, Prof. Lu Keli,  said that Communist Part of China had remained the driving force for the development of the country.

According to him, now that China is the biggest economy in the world, it is through hard work, commitment and organisation of the party.

He said that the party founded in 1921 had undergone 18 major reforms and the clamour for more reforms was still on.

“The current economic breakthrough was achieved through refocusing from internal political crisis to the economy. It is this turning point that has decided our current position in the world.

Keli, who is also a visiting professor in Harvard University, said part of the success story was the seriousness which the party tackled corruption through institutions.
“Leaders of the party have identified corruption as a cancer that must be cured by all means.’’
He said that the policy of China toward Africa had remained of assistance, “yes China can assist African countries hand the pressure of development including pressure from the Western nations.

“Above all, Africa countries should be ready to take her destiny in her own hands as the only way to development,’’ he said.

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