Brazilian team will play against Senegal and Nigeria at the National Stadium of Singapore, on October 10th and 13th according  to information from the Brazilian football federation website.

The football organization also made the announcement on its twitter handle.

Tweet by CBF

According to the Brazilian FA website, Senegal and Nigeria are “two of Africa’s main forces today”.

That explains why the Brazilians decided to utilize the next FIFA window for the matches. The National Stadium of Singapore, reopened in 2014 with a capacity of 55,000 fans, will be the scene of the clashes scheduled for the 10th and 13th, at 8pm local time (9am Brasilia).

On October 10, 2019, the Brazilian National Team will play their first ever game against Senegal. Best African team in the FIFA Ranking, Senegalese are in the 20th position of the classification.

Three days later, on October 13, Brazil and Nigeria (33rd in the FIFA Ranking) face off on the same stage. It will only be the second major squad match against the Nigerians. The first was in 2003, with a 3-0 Brazilian victory in Abuja, the Nigerian capital. Gil, Luís Fabiano and Adriano scored the goals of the triumph.

The opposing teams come from good results in 2019. Senegal and Nigeria finished second and third respectively in the June and July African Cup of Nations. The choice is in line with the concept established between the president of the organization and the Brazilian National Technical Commission, to play against top 50 opponents of the FIFA ranking whenever possible.

– We chose two of the best African teams because they are high level confrontations and against a school that the Brazilian National Team has had few encounters in recent years. It was a wish of the Technical Commission, so we went after these opponents – commented the Coordinator of the Team, Juninho Paulista.

Under coach Tite, Brazil faced only one African team. In November 2018, with a goal from Richarlison, defeated Cameroon. The match was held in Milton Keynes, England, and marked the season’s end for the team.

Isaac Okoronkwo (R) challenges Brazil’s Ricardinho during their June 11, 2003 friendly match in Abuja.

This will be the second pass of the Brazilian National Team through the refurbished National Stadium of Singapore. In October 2014, also in a friendly period, Brazil defeated Japan 4-0, with four goals from Neymar, for an audience of approximately 51,000 people.


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