Technocrats Converge for Leadership and Empowerment Summit

The Nigeria National Leadership Conference (NNLC) and National Economic Empowerment Summit (NEES) event was held on 27th Nov. 2019 at Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria bringing together expertise across the globe with exclusive interrelations and pragmatic approach that proffered possible working development plan for the nation to complement the efforts of the sitting government’s engagements through the plenary section.

The event is crystallized to set the country on the view of solving critical national challenges with economic and leadership scholars who subscribed to inclusive orientation, food security, ideal policies and national values.

The surviving platform of a Nation fundamentally rest on a unique ideology of leadership capacity and diversification of resource management.

Nigeria, with almost 200million people understand the importance of GDP mechanisms and how it can sustain the maintenance of economic avalanche of the world, yet be advantaged

Didactically, the event rekindled the hope of people progressively towards futuristic and sustainable ideology with alacrity that Nigeria shall survive her present Immense challenges.

“Let me start by saying, If leadership and economic state of a Nation are bladed or punctured, the people surfers indefinite cankerwormic hope. Our Image is wired by our name and projection; thus, to defend ourselves is by protecting who, how and what we are”. Dr Ayodele Favour, Founder of The Carpenter Foundation stated in a keynote Address,

“Standing out among other nations should not only be a subject of emotional intelligence but also an orientation intelligence and developmental catalyst”. he Added

The Carpenter Foundation is an international nonprofit organization for Nation Building through education, training, socio and community empowerment basically channeled on children, youth and women.

The Foundation presented the two-in-one epic event with a theme “Building A Sustainable Nation” which ended with remarkable lectures of the Key Note Speaker Dr. O. Daniel Ajayi, the CEO RDJ Fortunes, USA, Dr. Joe Okie Odumakin, Founder Women Arise for Change Initiative and Hon. Mbonu Samuel Okey former Presidential Aspirant with immense contributions from the Panelists, Former Deputy CBN Governor and Presidential Candidate, Prof. Kingsley Moghalu , Founder Network for Women and Public Policy, Mrs Maureen Omeibe, Chief Mrs Evelyn Okere, Vice Presidential Candidate, 2019 and Madam Iroabuchi Sidney Godstime, Presidential Aspirant, 2019. Moderated by UN Ambassador and Presidential Candidate, 2019 Mr. Etim Emmanuel. Dr. Attai Elisha, Founder African Women in Leadership Organization (AWLO), the Son of Nobel Laureate Prof. Wole Soyinka, Mr ‘Makin Soyinka and other dignitaries graced the event.

The Carpenter Foundation is set to embark on National Orientation Intelligence (N-OI) as a commitment to raise children, youth and women who are in vulnerable situations.

“Embarrassment on our educational sector calls for urgency lest our nonchalant approach towards education bury our future” says Dr Ayodele

The population of Nigeria is 200 Million. Statistics shows that by 2050 Nigeria population will be 401 million. If presently, Out-of-School Children is 13.2 million and with this discovery, Nigeria took 45% in West Africa in total of 263 million Out-Of-School Children and Youth; obviously, the future is on a floating pacific.

“Our primary goal is to proffer actionable and sustainable solutions to national development challenges through the gathering of intellectuals where matters combating the Nation can be fixed; such as child education, food security, health, power, security etc.” Dr. Ayodele Enthused

The Carpenter Foundation has designed a robust empowerment project on education, agriculture and industrial sectors that can at least change the marred trend story on our society.

If FG is partnering with other countries to assist in executing her proposed projects such as asking Russia to build rail tracks for Nigeria, China to build roads and bridges, India to import rolling stock to Nigeria and help Nigeria with its ICT development. Germany to build new power plants, US to provide vaccines to Nigeria. UNDP to provide grants to Nigerian farmers and improved seedlings, Bill and Melinda Foundation to provide Malaria vaccines. Turkey to build garment factory in Nigeria. England to build new oil terminal in the Niger Delta region to help Nigeria mine its oil etc our own must not suffer set back. Education, agriculture, manufacturing and others are not be sidelined and that’s why those countries were in the best position to be called for help as they have invested hugely on what their countries needs

Nigeria can be better salvaged through empowering education, Agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure, technology, research projects and indigenous workforce.

To build a sustainable Nation, education is a critical tool to drive National interest, polity and economic engagements that will empower the concerned. On this note , The Carpenter Foundation is having a lead to establish first Agric and Textile Industrial College in Africa primarily meant to admit Out-of-School Children from part of the country for an inclusive agricultural and textile industrial professional training, a focus to raise grassroot entrepreneurs, massive employment for the youths and women for national economic and social sustainability.

“A clarion call to all Nigerians home and abroad, philanthropists, partners, investors, Organizations, NGOs, lovers of children and education to show sympathy and support us in actualizing this wealth oriented project. A token of five hundred naira (N500) from patriotic individuals for our “Nigeria Needs You (NNY) Project” is the least we ask for. A project that’s keen to rescue the children and save the future of Nigeria” Dr Ayodele Favour Opined.

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