Worship Is Lifestyle – Nigerian Born U.S Based Gospel Artist Rosemary Akaette

Out with a bang -"Ayee! Shout Of Victory"

Rosemary Akaette

  • A Pastor
  • worship leader
  • songwriter 
  • A deep worshiper with a heart for God and His work

This US based Nigerian born gospel artist has written many songs and has been an inspirational to many in the music ministry. .

She began singing at the age of 12 with her local church choir. At the age of 15, Rosemary had done background singing/dancing for some prominent Nigerian Musicians.

Rosemary has been singing in the choir for more than 25 years.

Worship is a lifestyle, it is the center of man’s existence and the core of mans relationship with God- Rosemary


Currently, she serves at King’s Praise Church Intl Dallas, Texas, United States of America, as a worship leader and Music Director. Her first single, “Your Presence”, a deep worship song that draws the heart of man to yearn for God’s presence, was well received across the globe.

She terms her music: ‘Songs of Encouragement’. In her words,

“The world is at a time when everyone needs comfort and encouragement. This comfort can only be found in Jesus Christ and in the word God which is our true source of encouragement”

Her songs are all inspired by the Holy Spirit from a place of deep reflection. Some of her songs like ‘Wonder God’, ‘Ayee! Shout of Victory’ is blessing lives.

Rosemary is the founder of #Livingencouraged an online platform through which she encourages people, exhaling realities though the word of God. Her singular message to the world is that God is at the center of our existence and with Him, we can achieve all that we were created to be and fulfill our purpose on earth.


Download Ayee!!! on https://youtu.be/c-DelYbALx8


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