KG Sports Foundation Begins Try out for U13 and U16 Players

KG Sports Foundation has begun try out for Young Players in its bid to recruit  talented players aged U13 and U16.

The Two week Try out is being conducted by KG Sports Academy Founder and CEO Dr. Ken Gadaffi who arrived the country from his base in Asia for the scouting program.

“It’s not easy to make a living as a professional soccer player. Competition is fierce, and players must work hard to receive the soccer training necessary to meet various objectives on the path to becoming a professional soccer player.” Dr Ken Gadaffi Stated.

“Football trials can be an opportunity to get your foot in the door with a professional football club. However, we at KG Sports Academy is now providing high performance soccer training which might be a safer option for beginning your journey to become a professional Soccer player.


The Try out is currently being held at the College of Education Agbor Sports Complex  with about 40 Young players taking part three days a week going through various drills.

“I am impressed with what i have seen so far, most of the kids have the skills and athleticsm that can help them to become professional players, however they lack the technique and tactical disipline which comes from training under good coaching programs” Dr Ken Gadaffi observed


According to the CEO KG Sports Foundation, The Academies  is looking to provide high perfromance training pgograms for your players with  boarding facilities for students who have the potential to become professional soccer players. Students  will live, train, and study at these academies, and most importantly, receive realistic advice about all their possibilities to play professionally, a service that football trials with professional clubs does not provide. Nevertheless, some lucky players do start their professional careers at football trials, and they’re at least worth learning about. KG Sports Foundation will help to facilitate scholarship for outstanding players to USA, EUROPE and ASIA to further their studies and playing career.


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