Humphery Gabriel Inspires Vanung University to Victory in Comeback game

It was a sweet comeback for Humphery Gabriel after 3 months out due to injury as the Nigerian Kid Sensation Inspired his Vanung University Basketball Team to a 120-90 win in a Friendly Match against a Taiwanese Selected All-Stars ahead of the second round of the University Basketball Association Championship.

Humphery Gabriel suffered a Groin Injury early in February that ruled him out for about 6 weeks and on his return, the Former Extra Joss Fighters Forward suffered a foot injury that ruled him out for another 4 weeks.

With the UBA Season suspended due to the coronavirus Pandemic, Humphery Gabriel’s Absence didn’t affect Vanung University as Coach Ben Sim and his medical team worked tirelessly to get their Lucky Charm back to fitness ahead of the May 9th Tip-off of the second round.

“I was tired but very happy I could play, I missed playing a lot,” Humphery Said moments after churning in 15 points 8 rebounds and 3 Assists in 15 minutes of playing time. “I felt okay playing but was obviously trying to be careful, now I know anything can happen anytime,” the Former Colorado Miners Star player said.

Asked if he is now ready for the second round of the UBA, “Physically I am not sure yet but mentally I think Yes”He replied.

Coach Ben Sim and his entire squad are being cautious of a recurring injury for their star players on whose shoulder lies the hope of their title chase this season. “This week Every time I made a difficult play or tried to block someone, everyone was nervous, and my coach was a bit upset with me because I am just coming back and they don’t want me to be injured” he stated.

Vanung University and Humphery have the next two weeks to see how he responds and if he would be ready for the second round of action as the Season restarts after the long COVID 19 induced break.


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