2021 Prophesy– Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Makes Prophetic Proclamations, Urges Christians To Prepare For Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Founder and President of Loveworld Ministries, a.k.a Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in a new year message to Christians around the world, has prophesied of the imminent second coming of  saviour and master Jesus Christ. In a new year service beamed to billions of Television audience around the world, the global icon revealed how close rapture is and urged Christians to prepare in earnest.

Expounding further, Pastor Chris heralded that God is building His Church through His people and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Reading from Amos 4:10-12, the man of God charged the global participants to prepare their hearts to serve the Lord and to make preparations for the house of the Lord. ‘Prepare with the gospel’ was the third point spelt out by Pastor Chris as he read from Ephesians 6:15; “And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace.”

LoveWorld President finally urged participants to prepare to meet God emphasizing that the Church has entered a time of preparation. ‘We are in the last days, the closing moments of the world’, he remarked.

Pastor Chris subsequently declared Year 2021 as Year of Preparation for Christians all over the world.

Here are excepts from the prophetic declarations of the Man of God

“In heaven preparation is being made, and I looked and all over the world Angels are preparing people, preparing people, preparing people, helping with the work of God around the world, I saw them working and working and working, as though the things around them didn’t matter, they were not distracted with the things around them, they were just busy preparing people….why are they ignoring what’s happening ….they say this is more important, they are getting people set, the Lord is coming soon”

“I looked and behold in the world of darkness, preparations were taking place, I said why are they preparing, what are they preparing for He said they are preparing for war, because they know their time is short, then I remembered that the Bible actually tells us that Michael and the Angels fought against the dragon and his Angels. Oh so they also are preparing.”

“In the spirit we have entered into the hour of preparation, we have entered in to the time of preparation. How long? Listen ….Don’t miss God. We are in the closing period of the world, we are in the ending times that the Bible speaks of, and the forces of darkness are pulling all their Arsenal to see if they can pull one more resistance but the Lord has said they don’t stand a chance….why don’t they stand a chance….because the church is walking in sync with the Father, in sync with the Son, in sync with the Holy Spirit.

We are in sync with the heavens right now, we are in the timing of God, we are in the timing of the spirit right now, don’t be confused at all…we just came through the year of perfection, now I look back and understand, there was an alignment, there was a perfection, there was a synchronization where we got synchronized with the perfect will of the Father in the timing of the Spirit, and we are there right now, we are in the place where we should be right now in the spirit. The church is in sync with the spirit right now, and when you are in sync with the spirit of God you are in the place of perfection….that’s where we are right this moment.”

“And the glory of God shall be revealed in His church like never before ….there is a move of the Spirit,”

See the works of God that took place in 2020 when we couldn’t even planned all that….
What is coming in 2021 will even surpass all that by the spirit of God….a quick work will the Lord do and cut it short in righteousness

“For all the earth is mine says the Lord, yea the pillars of earth belong to Him, He has established the world upon them, it’s all His and for none other, and He will not give His glory to the gods of darkness but rather He will execute judgment on the idols of the nations.”

“For the time is short, the time is short, the time is short, says the Lord. Fulfill your ministry, and fulfill that which He has called you to do, fulfill your ministry, fulfill your calling, do what I have asked you to do, for the time is short. Walk in love, walk in faith, walk in My word, walk in My light, and do not pay attention to those who seek to destroy you for they have no power to destroy you. I am with you always even unto the end of the age, so says the Spirit of God unto you”

Exhilarating song ministration by award winning Moses Bliss.

Congratulations to all citizens of LoveWorld, who are set to parade through 2021 with preparatory gears; running with the Word of the Year from the Spirit through the man of God, Pastor Chris. Happy New Year!


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